Beyond ChatGPT: Create real AI Apps

Thinkeo elevates AI beyond chatbots to powerful content generators. By integrating advanced rule-settings, your apps deliver tailored, dynamic content, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Are you ready to optimize the use of AI ?

Your rules

Set rules that animate your AI, making every interaction personalized and impactful.

Breakdown into micro-tasks

Utilize conditional and nested prompts to craft content with unparalleled depth and complexity.

Scale with precision

Thinkeo excels in industrializing content generation, enabling you to produce vast amounts of high-quality content.

You're just one click away from getting started

Scenario-driven AI Apps

Create AI-powered apps with Thinkeo that go beyond simple interactions. Pre-configure prompts and design user journeys to consistently industrialize content production.

Eliminate the need for constant prompt iteration, saving time and ensuring quality.

Design tailored UX that guide users to optimal content outcomes.

Break down AI tasks to ensure relevance and precision.

Performance at scale

With Thinkeo, dramatically increase content output while reducing errors, ensuring your AI-driven apps excel.


Improve by 20% your conversion rate on your content


Our customers reduced errors in their documents by 98%

Unmatched content quality

Guarantee the excellence of every content piece produced by your AI apps, with Thinkeo's robust framework ensuring precision, scalability, and consistency.

Every piece of content meets stringent quality standards.

Expand your content generation without compromising on quality.

Maintain a high level of quality across all outputs, regardless of volume.

Success Stories

You're in good hands — others have been here and left with a smile (and success) !

The most notable benefit observed is user satisfaction. They are thrilled, creating better content faster with an exceptionally simple experience. It's amazing how simple and effective it is.

Isidore Da Silva

CEO, Atoll

With thinkeo, drafting a perfect content now takes just 2 to 5 minutes, instead of 20 to 30. We save time without compromising the quality, improving the recipient experience.

Manon Travert

Agency Director, Appel Medical

Thinkeo has given us the ability to build a custom and evolutive generator including AI, which is now widely acclaimed by our 2,000 consultants.

Pascal Mathieu

Transformation program director, Randstad

We chose Thinkeo because it's simply better and more affordable. Thinkeo is a valuable asset in the daily life of consultants; it's a facilitator that allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Delphine Le Dû Zinck

Project Manager, Gézim

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Still a question ? Here are the answers

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing and plans.

What kind of AI capabilities does Thinkeo offer?

Thinkeo's AI blocks come with pre-set prompts, enabling the platform to digest vast document corpora and influence the creation of new, nuanced documents. This AI capability extends to exporting content into complex formats, such as PowerPoint presentations, ensuring versatility and depth in content generation and presentation.

How is data security managed in Thinkeo ?

Thinkeo hosts data in France, adhering to strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, without reusing client data for product improvement, and offers a balance between performance, specialty, and data security.

Is Thinkeo easy to use for non-technical professionals ?

Yes, Thinkeo is very user-friendly. It has two main roles: architects, who need an affinity for no-code tools, and app users, who is very very easy to use.

What are the real-world applications of Thinkeo for my industry?

Thinkeo is utilized across various sectors to streamline and enhance content creation processes. Whether it's for HR, marketing, legal, or technical documentation, Thinkeo provides tailored solutions that meet the unique content demands of different industries, demonstrating its adaptability and impact in solving real-world content challenges.