Become a HR superhero with thinkeo's AI

Thinkeo is revolutionizing HR management by integrating AI into every aspect of the field. From job posting creation to onboarding, its applications adapt to your needs and seamlessly integrate with existing ATS systems.
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October 19, 2023
Become a HR superhero with thinkeo's AI

Customization and efficiency have become essential requirements in human resources. Thinkeo meets these needs by offering the ability to create a range of applications based on blocks and AI. From creating tailored job postings to preparing interviews and onboarding, Thinkeo's AI integrates into every aspect of HR management to automate, optimize, and especially personalize interactions with employees and candidates. The goal is always the same: to enable you to effortlessly receive highly personalized content automatically.

HR Applications you can create

Thinkeo enables the creation of dedicated HR applications that go beyond basic functionalities. Here are some examples:

Job Offer Generator

Create job offers that specifically adapt to your target candidate, making each offer unique and targeted.

Interview Assistant

An intelligent assistant helps you prepare for interviews by providing questions and advice suited to the candidate’s profile.

Customized Rejection Emails

Generate highly personalized rejection emails, providing clear and constructive reasons for the rejection.

Interview Summary

After each interview, the tool generates a clear and structured summary for internal use or for a client.

Job Description Transformation

Transform a simple job description into a complete and appealing job offer.

Customized Resumes

You receive various resumes that need to be formatted specifically to present to your clients. Thinkeo does this automatically for you.

Job Offer Promise

Generate customized job offer promise emails, tailored to the specific needs of each candidate.

Complete Candidate File

For recruitment agencies, generating a complete and detailed candidate file for your clients becomes effortless.

Employment Contract

Create complete and customized employment contracts, in accordance with the needs of the company and the candidate.

Onboarding Guide

Provide each new employee with a personalized onboarding guide for successful integration.

CMS for Career Site

Power your career site with compelling and evolving content, thus attracting the best talent.

Integration with ATS

Thinkeo's integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Bullhorn, Beetween, Viaweb, and others, is a major asset. This integration occurs in two ways:

Thinkeo Interface: A pop-up opens to allow specific adjustments that are not available in the ATS interface. This lets you clarify certain elements with the user without having to modify existing content.

API: For companies with a robust data set, Thinkeo's API can generate tailored content directly.

What makes this integration particularly powerful is the flexibility it offers ATS providers. Without needing additional development, they can offer their clients a multi-purpose generator that adapts to their unique specifications, whether it's editorial line, internal operations, or processes. Each content block created via Thinkeo serves to further personalize this experience, avoiding the trap of generic and inauthentic content often associated with simple AI solutions.

ConclusionThinkeo's AI offers a profound and effective transformation of HR management. By integrating these specialized applications, HR departments can not only automate but also personalize and optimize their processes, making each interaction more meaningful and effective.

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