How Manon at Appel Medical save hours per week using thinkeo ?

Manon Travert, like 300 Appel Médical consultants is using Thinkeo everyday, cutting job offers creation time and improving their quality and relevance. It changed completely their recruitment processes, making them more efficient and targeted. As it works well with their own systems, Manon says it's great for making work quicker without losing the human touch.
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April 12, 2024
How Manon at Appel Medical save hours per week using thinkeo ?

Manon Travert, leading the charge at Appel Médical, was one of the pioneers in implementing Thinkeo within her company. As a significant player in the healthcare staffing industry under the Randstad France Group for nearly five decades, Appel Médical now boasts 300 daily Thinkeo users. In this article, we sit down with Manon to discuss her journey with Thinkeo and how it changed her daily work at Appel Médical.

What problems does Thinkeo solve ?

Thinkeo helps us tackle duplicate job ads and improves our visibility on job sites. As recruiters, we often get many new jobs each day. Finding the right talent for our partners is key. Writing and posting job ads is a daily task for us. Our agencies specialize in certain fields, so we often recruit for the same skills. The issue was to keep making unique, appealing ads visible every day. Job boards and their algorithms might skip ads they see as too similar. With Thinkeo's AI, we can now write ads without worrying about visibility, ensuring they match our clients' values and are clear and relevant for candidates.

What benefits have you noticed ?

The main benefit we've seen is the time saved in writing job offers. It’s challenging to create effective job offers, especially when writing 20 in a day. Previously, it took 20 to 30 minutes per job offer, which was time-consuming and tedious. Now, with Thinkeo, we can draft a perfect job offer in 2 to 5 minutes. We save time without compromising quality. We manage to create job offers quicker, including more details like company benefits, which are important to job seekers. This improves the candidate's experience right from the job offer.

How did you find our support and why?

The online chat feature in Thinkeo is a perfect match for our fast-paced environment, offering quick assistance for any issues or questions during job offer creation.

We appreciated Thinkeo's support when implementing their tool for our brands. They were attentive and understood our needs, working closely with our field teams to grasp our work, challenges, and specifics. Our specialized sectors require in-depth industry knowledge. Thinkeo’s team, being hands-on and responsive, provided a tailored tool that integrates seamlessly with our internal software, streamlining our processes without adding extra complexity.

Would you recommend our product/service to other companies or colleagues? Why?

Yes, we would recommend Thinkeo to anyone whose jobs involve essential repetitive tasks and who wants to save time and increase productivity. Using AI doesn’t mean losing the human touch; it lets us focus more on the human aspect of our business.