What is smart content ?

In the age of AI, Smart Content has the ability to establish itself as a new way to communicate with customers.
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October 27, 2023
What is smart content ?

Smart content transforms the web experience. By recognizing a visitor's IP address after actions like downloading a resource, it tailors the content based on the persona, industry, or past interactions. This is a quiet but effective revolution in web content delivery.

Smart content isn't just another way to create content. It's a philosophy that puts people at the center, while using technology to better serve our needs. It takes into account our changing environment, our constantly evolving expectations, and adapts accordingly.

The Three Pillars of Smart Content

  • Data-Driven: Data guide smart content. Thanks to metadata, each piece of content is smart, capable of understanding its context and fitting seamlessly where needed.
  • Modularity: Smart content consists of modules, allowing for easy creation and adaptation. Each module is an independent entity but can be combined coherently with others to form a unified whole.
  • Flexibility: The ability of smart content to adapt to different contexts without losing coherence is one of its greatest strengths. It can evolve over time, needs, and platforms.

The Intersection of Smart Content and Marketing

Marketing aims to engage, inform, and convert. Smart content enhances this mission by providing a more personalized and relevant user experience. It ensures that the message delivered resonates with the audience, whether it's on a website, a mobile app, or any other channel.

Why Adopt Smart Content?

  • Multi-platform Distribution: It allows for consistent distribution across different channels without redundancy or inconsistency.
  • Resource Optimization: The time and effort invested in content creation are maximized through reuse and adaptation.
  • Personalization: Smart content can be tailored to meet the specific needs of users, thereby improving engagement and satisfaction.
  • Ease of Management: Its modular and data-driven nature makes it easy to search, update, and distribute content.
  • SEO Improvement: A well-organized structure and relevant metadata make smart content attractive to search engines.

Who is Smart Content For?

Smart content is particularly suited to organizations and individuals looking to optimize their communication, reach diverse audiences, and adapt quickly to changes. Those who value relevance, consistency, and flexibility will find it a valuable ally.

Getting Started with Smart Content

Integrating smart content requires a clear understanding of its objectives, audience, and resources. This may involve redefining existing processes and training, but the benefits in terms of efficiency, engagement, and satisfaction are worth the investment.