Beetween clients triple their number of applications

Beetween clients triple their number of applications while spending ten times less time writing their job offers.
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November 7, 2023
Beetween clients triple their number of applications

Beetween, the all-in-one recruitment software, was designed by recruiters for recruiters. It aims to simplify the daily routine of HR professionals by offering an applicant management platform tailored to their needs. With the integration of Thinkeo, it takes a step further by offering a solution that transforms job offer creation.

Thinkeo: Connected Content

Thinkeo is a platform that transforms how content is created and used. Imagine a sophisticated restaurant where each dish is custom-made to fit your culinary preferences. In the world of recruitment, Thinkeo acts like a Michelin-starred chef, creating job offers that perfectly match each company and candidate.

Simple Integration

The integration of Thinkeo into the Beetween ATS is seamless. A simple button in the interface grants access to all Thinkeo features without changing the usual user journey. This ease of use has led to rapid adoption, with users returning regularly.

Custom Content

The essence of Thinkeo lies in its ability to create truly custom content, a feature that is amplified when integrated with Beetween. This integration allows access to a wealth of data, making it easier to create job offers that are not only attractive but also highly targeted.

The first step in this customization is a deep understanding of the company or brand that is hiring. Thinkeo adapts to the unique tone, writing style, and editorial line of each company, ensuring that each announcement truly reflects the brand’s identity. This adaptation goes beyond mere words; it also encompasses the length and depth of the announcement, which can be adjusted based on the type of contract, tasks, or desired experience.

But customization can go even further, particularly by leveraging the job location. Whether it's targeting a local audience with a specific approach or highlighting benefits specific to the job's geographic location, Thinkeo uses location data to refine each announcement, ensuring maximum resonance with potential candidates.

Finally, the specifics of the roles are considered in detail. Thinkeo strives to understand the nuances of each position, allowing it to create ads that highlight the unique aspects of the job. This approach ensures not only that candidates fully understand what is expected of them but also that they are attracted to opportunities that best match their skills and aspirations.

Measurable Impact

Beetween clients have noticed a significant reduction in the time spent on creating ads, cutting their time investment by tenfold. Moreover, an ad generated via Thinkeo attracts on average three times more candidates, offering great opportunities to Beetween clients.


The integration of Thinkeo into the Beetween ATS presents as an interesting solution. It not only saves significant time but also ensures the creation of custom content that truly resonates with target candidates. Today, several hundred users are already benefiting from this innovation.

By fully exploiting the available data, Beetween clients create job ads that are not only attractive but speak directly to the hearts of potential candidates, promising a more efficient and successful recruitment process.