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Simplify and optimize your technical and commercial documents using our AI.

Struggling with complex document creation ?

Time saver

Our AI-based solution helps Telecom companies produce technical and RFP docs they need, and fast. It's about getting more done in less time.

Reduce document creation time by up to 90%.
5 hours
On average, users save 5 hours per week with thinkeo.

Personal touch

Our tool doesn't just churn out generic docs. It's been made to produce content that fits you like a glove.

Just for you

The content we create is designed to fit your needs right down to the last detail.

High impact

Because each piece of content is so closely tied to you, it makes a big impact on readers.

Mass production made easy

Our tool lets you easily produce content on a grand scale. It’s not just about creating a few pieces of content, it’s about creating thousands.

Big output

With our solution, you can crank out large amounts of content with ease and speed.

No sweat

And the best part? You can do it all without breaking a sweat. Our tool takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

Success Stories

You're in good hands — others have been here and left with a smile (and success) !

The most notable benefit observed is user satisfaction. They are thrilled, creating better content faster with an exceptionally simple experience. It's amazing how simple and effective it is.

Isidore Da Silva

CEO, Atoll

With thinkeo, drafting a perfect content now takes just 2 to 5 minutes, instead of 20 to 30. We save time without compromising the quality, improving the recipient experience.

Manon Travert

Agency Director, Appel Medical

Thinkeo has given us the ability to build a custom and evolutive generator including AI, which is now widely acclaimed by our 2,000 consultants.

Pascal Mathieu

Transformation program director, Randstad

We chose Thinkeo because it's simply better and more affordable. Thinkeo is a valuable asset in the daily life of consultants; it's a facilitator that allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Delphine Le Dû Zinck

Project Manager, Gézim

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Still wondering if thinkeo is the right solution ?

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing and plans.

What types of documents can I generate with thinkeo ?

Thinkeo can generate any type of document, regardless of length or content, including Word documents, PDFs, or web content, tailored to specific needs. Thinkeo is designed to industrialize document production. Therefore, the key question is whether you have a recurring document that you wish to automate.

Is Thinkeo easy to use for non-technical professionals ?

Yes, Thinkeo is very user-friendly. It has two main roles: architects, who need an affinity for no-code tools, and app users, who is very very easy to use.

How does Thinkeo personalize documents to meet specific needs ?

Thinkeo allows the creation of rules for any document you wish to automate, adapting content to personas, sectors, products, or legal constraints, generating perfectly tailored content.

How does Thinkeo handle complex and voluminous documents ?

Thinkeo breaks down the logic of each document into blocks, allowing independent processing, whether with or without AI, enabling instant generation of extensive documents while simplifying complex rule creation.

How does Thinkeo minimize errors and inconsistencies in documents ?

By segmenting AI tasks into micro-tasks and centralizing or connecting content, Thinkeo minimizes both AI and human errors, ensuring precision and reliability.