Revolutionize your pre-sales with AI

Automate your document production, save time, and focus more on client needs with our no-code solution.

Sick of repetitive documentation tasks ?

Time-saving solution

Revolutionize your document creation with our AI-driven automation, drastically reducing pre-sales time and effort.

Reduce document creation time by up to 90%.
5 hours
On average, users save 5 hours per week with thinkeo.

Personalized content

With our tool, your content becomes more striking because you can tailor it to your needs.

Customization made simple

Our solution makes it easy to create papers that fit each client.

Striking results

With custom content, you can touch your clients in a way that standard content can't.

Made to industrialize

No need to stress about responding to more RFPs. More RFPs just mean more business.

Focus on what matter

Thinkeo handles the boring tasks, making content creation smoother.

Generate more revenues

With Thinkeo, ramping up your revenue doesn't mean spending more time.

Success Stories

You're in good hands — others have been here and left with a smile (and success) !

The most notable benefit observed is user satisfaction. They are thrilled, creating better content faster with an exceptionally simple experience. It's amazing how simple and effective it is.

Isidore Da Silva

CEO, Atoll

With thinkeo, drafting a perfect content now takes just 2 to 5 minutes, instead of 20 to 30. We save time without compromising the quality, improving the recipient experience.

Manon Travert

Agency Director, Appel Medical

Thinkeo has given us the ability to build a custom and evolutive generator including AI, which is now widely acclaimed by our 2,000 consultants.

Pascal Mathieu

Transformation program director, Randstad

We chose Thinkeo because it's simply better and more affordable. Thinkeo is a valuable asset in the daily life of consultants; it's a facilitator that allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Delphine Le Dû Zinck

Project Manager, Gézim

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Still have questions ?

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing and plans.

What types of documents can I generate with thinkeo ?

Thinkeo can generate any type of document, regardless of length or content, including Word documents, PDFs, or web content, tailored to specific needs. Thinkeo is designed to industrialize document production. Therefore, the key question is whether you have a recurring document that you wish to automate.

What kind of AI capabilities does Thinkeo offer?

Thinkeo's AI blocks come with pre-set prompts, enabling the platform to digest vast document corpora and influence the creation of new, nuanced documents. This AI capability extends to exporting content into complex formats, such as PowerPoint presentations, ensuring versatility and depth in content generation and presentation.

How does Thinkeo handle complex and voluminous documents ?

Thinkeo breaks down the logic of each document into blocks, allowing independent processing, whether with or without AI, enabling instant generation of extensive documents while simplifying complex rule creation.

How can Thinkeo improve the speed and efficiency of my document creation ?

Thinkeo dramatically reduces document creation time, allowing users to generate documents in about 2 minutes, regardless of the document’s length, streamlining the process.