At the dawn of living content

Content in business needs to evolve, becoming more dynamic and personalized. It's time to move away from static content and adopt recursive blocks that adapt to individual needs, encouraging relevant and lively interaction. This change also involves a critical reevaluation of existing content, promoting efficiency and harmony in workflows.
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September 8, 2023
At the dawn of living content

Business content should be like a river, continuously flowing, feeding, and revitalizing everything in its path. Yet, in reality, content is often static and resembles a stagnant pond more than a vibrant river. It is high time we revise our approach to creating and managing content. The time has come to make it flow, to bring it to life, in sync with the rhythm of the organization.

Let's take a moment to consider the job offers we publish. Generally, they remain fixed and do not really communicate the dynamics and depth of the position. What would happen if these offers could evolve in real time, adapt to each individual who views them, offering a personalized perspective of what working within our team would be like?

Or think about business proposals. Instead of sending static, impersonal documents, imagine you could offer an experience where the content adjusts and molds according to the specific needs and expectations of each potential client. A document that lives, breathes, evolves, highlighting the most relevant and captivating aspects for each recipient.

Keep in mind that content is, fundamentally, information, more or less critical, which can serve as a powerful lever to foster an exchange and transmit. In this regard, it's essential to think about the nature of the content we produce. Is it truly useful? Does it serve a specific purpose, or simply occupy space? Holding content for the sake of possession is nonsensical, and we find that much of the content in business is superfluous. It is therefore crucial to rationalize its existence, to sift through what is essential and what is not. Let's root our content in logic, allowing an intelligent system (randomly through blocks) to frame clear and structured reasoning, ready to seamlessly integrate into your workflows as soon as people need it. AI amplifies this by facilitating the creation of dynamic content, capable of generating ephemeral elements that precisely meet the needs of the moment.

It's time to forget conventional content management methods, those static and rigid bases. Welcome a new era where recursive blocks take center stage, allowing your content to pulse with new life, a resonance that finds an echo in every individual it touches.

In short, liberate your content, give it a chance to live, breathe, and adapt.