Transform your content management

By transforming every piece of content into a dynamic, reusable asset managed through intuitive, rule-based systems, Thinkeo empowers you to take your content strategy to new heights.

It's time to redefine your content approach

Content reuse

Our blocks allow you to create content once and deploy it across various applications, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time.

Seamless updates

Automate the update process with Thinkeo, ensuring your content remains up-to-date across all applications without manual intervention.

Rule-based content

In the studio, set up execution rules, link content blocks, and apply conditions to tailor your content precisely to your needs.

Ready to bring your content to life ?

Dynamic content

Dive into Thinkeo's studio, where content management is redefined. Here, content is not just stored; it's intelligently managed with rules, links, and conditions.

Define how content behaves and interacts.

Seamlessly connect content blocks for cohesive narratives.

Tailor content responses to user interactions and data.

Content efficiency

Thinkeo's platform ensures your content processes are incredibly efficient, drastically reducing the time and effort needed for updates.

10 hours

Save 10 hours per month managing and updating content


Divide per 3 the number of content updates

Connected content

Rather than storing your content in a knowledge base, you can link your existing content to thinkeo apps. Your content is now connected to your workflows and tools, ensuring constant synergy.

Connect your old documents to create new ones.

Link your document repositories to inspire your new documents.

In Thinkeo, you manage rules more than content.

Success Stories

You're in good hands — others have been here and left with a smile (and success) !

The most notable benefit observed is user satisfaction. They are thrilled, creating better content faster with an exceptionally simple experience. It's amazing how simple and effective it is.

Isidore Da Silva

CEO, Atoll

With thinkeo, drafting a perfect content now takes just 2 to 5 minutes, instead of 20 to 30. We save time without compromising the quality, improving the recipient experience.

Manon Travert

Agency Director, Appel Medical

Thinkeo has given us the ability to build a custom and evolutive generator including AI, which is now widely acclaimed by our 2,000 consultants.

Pascal Mathieu

Transformation program director, Randstad

We chose Thinkeo because it's simply better and more affordable. Thinkeo is a valuable asset in the daily life of consultants; it's a facilitator that allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Delphine Le Dû Zinck

Project Manager, Gézim

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You may have some questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing and plans.

Can Thinkeo be integrated with existing tools and workflows?

Yes, Thinkeo is built with flexibility in mind, offering seamless integration capabilities with existing tools and workflows. Its API-first approach ensures that you can easily connect Thinkeo with other software solutions, enhancing your operational efficiency without disrupting your current ecosystem.

How does the no-code aspect of Thinkeo work?

Thinkeo's no-code platform empowers users to craft complex content scenarios with conditions, decision trees, and dynamic content flows, making content as interactive as needed. This is where the no-code aspect truly shines, allowing for the creation of document workflows and content structures without any coding, harnessing the power of visual programming to bring intricate content strategies to life.

How is data security managed in Thinkeo ?

Thinkeo hosts data in France, adhering to strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, without reusing client data for product improvement, and offers a balance between performance, specialty, and data security.

What kind of AI capabilities does Thinkeo offer?

Thinkeo's AI blocks come with pre-set prompts, enabling the platform to digest vast document corpora and influence the creation of new, nuanced documents. This AI capability extends to exporting content into complex formats, such as PowerPoint presentations, ensuring versatility and depth in content generation and presentation.