Data-driven content creation

By providing seamless connections to diverse data sources and transforming this data into meaningful content, Thinkeo empowers you to create more impactful, data-driven narratives

Wondering how to make your content smarter with data?

Data flexibility

Thinkeo connects to any data source, be it business tools or databases, internal or external, bringing unmatched flexibility to your content feed.

Dynamic content

Transform data into meaningful content effortlessly. You're 100% that every piece of content is dynamically influenced by real-time data.

Compelling narratives

Thinkeo bridges the gap between raw data and formatted content, serving as an efficient intermediary that turns data into compelling content narratives.

Want to unlock the true potential of your content with data?

Unrestricted data access

Thinkeo's open approach to data connectivity means you can get information from any system or platform, enriching your content with valuable insights.

Connect with tools, databases, and external sources effortlessly.

From structured to unstructured, all data types are welcome.

Linking data to Thinkeo is straightforward, removing technical hurdles.

Simplified setup

Quickly connect and consolidate your data sources to accelerate the setup process. Easy to make your content fresh and relevant.

3 hours

Average time to setup a complete content app on thinkeo.

You are free to connect endless data sources to your apps.

Content enrichment through data

Use Thinkeo to get data into your studio, making every output more informative, engaging, and personalized.

Turn data into content that acts, informs, and persuades.

Keep content up-to-date with live data feeds.

Tailor content to individual preferences and behaviors based on data.

Success Stories

You're in good hands — others have been here and left with a smile (and success) !

The most notable benefit observed is user satisfaction. They are thrilled, creating better content faster with an exceptionally simple experience. It's amazing how simple and effective it is.

Isidore Da Silva

CEO, Atoll

With thinkeo, drafting a perfect content now takes just 2 to 5 minutes, instead of 20 to 30. We save time without compromising the quality, improving the recipient experience.

Manon Travert

Agency Director, Appel Medical

Thinkeo has given us the ability to build a custom and evolutive generator including AI, which is now widely acclaimed by our 2,000 consultants.

Pascal Mathieu

Transformation program director, Randstad

We chose Thinkeo because it's simply better and more affordable. Thinkeo is a valuable asset in the daily life of consultants; it's a facilitator that allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Delphine Le Dû Zinck

Project Manager, Gézim

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You may have some questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing and plans.

Can Thinkeo be integrated with existing tools and workflows?

Yes, Thinkeo is built with flexibility in mind, offering seamless integration capabilities with existing tools and workflows. Its API-first approach ensures that you can easily connect Thinkeo with other software solutions, enhancing your operational efficiency without disrupting your current ecosystem.

How does Thinkeo minimize errors and inconsistencies in documents ?

By segmenting AI tasks into micro-tasks and centralizing or connecting content, Thinkeo minimizes both AI and human errors, ensuring precision and reliability.

How is data security managed in Thinkeo ?

Thinkeo hosts data in France, adhering to strict confidentiality and GDPR compliance, without reusing client data for product improvement, and offers a balance between performance, specialty, and data security.

What types of documents can I generate with thinkeo ?

Thinkeo can generate any type of document, regardless of length or content, including Word documents, PDFs, or web content, tailored to specific needs. Thinkeo is designed to industrialize document production. Therefore, the key question is whether you have a recurring document that you wish to automate.