Automate your document creation

Thinkeo allows you to generate all types of highly personalized documents in few seconds.

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Create documents quickly

Forget about copying and pasting.
Reduce the time spent on creating your
documents by to 80%.

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Indicate what you need

In a few seconds, you indicate the document you want to create and its characteristics.

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Let Thinkeo do it

Thinkeo searches for the most relevant content, assembles it, and formats it. Automatically.

Create custom-made documents

Thinkeo allows you to adapt the content of your documents to its target and the context in which it’s created.

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Adapt without limits !

A document that adapts to its target is a document that seduces and convinces.

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Personalize your documents

Create unique documents that are unlike any other.

DégardéThinkeo permet d'organiser son contenu
Génrer un document adapté à mon contexte et à mon besoindégradé de couleurs

Create documents effortlessly

Thanks to the Document Creator, the user only has to orientate Thinkeo for the magic to happen.

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Easy-to-use Solution

Thinkeo's interfaces are designed to be quick and easy to use.

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A Smart Solution

Thanks to the power of the solution, the user is guided like in a game.

Save time.
Improve quality

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Reduce your document creation time by 80%.

Don't take our word for it

Tangi Arveiler

Tangi Arveiler

Bordeaux, France

"By relying on Thinkeo, my teams produce efficiently and can focus on high value-added tasks"

Jonathan Devin

Jonathan Devin

Bordeaux, France

"Thinkeo has enabled us to reduce the time spent on our sales proposals by 40% over the last 3 months."

Philippe Brus

Philippe Brus

Paris, France

"The Document Creator reduces the time spent on creating new contracts by 2/3. That's phenomenal."

Nicolas Berdery

Nicolas Berdery

Barcelone, Espagne

"Thinkeo allows us to make our documents smarter by allowing us to tailor them very precisely to our target audience."

Vincent Ferrand

Vincent Ferrand

Bordeaux, France

"Thinkeo completely transforms our relationship with the document. We can concentrate calmly on the final objective.

Diane Ladeuil

Diane Ladeuil

Paris, France

"With Thinkeo, I organized my content once. Since then, I've just been enjoying the power of the Document Creator."