Our mission is to
Ensure company's
knowledge flow

to optimize business processes and help people on their operations.

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Our values

Always looking forward

High service level

Transparency and collaboration

Empathy as an inspiration

Our history

May 2020
Thinkeo birth
July 2020
Nov 2020
MVP release
Dec 2020
Builder Program release
Mar 2021
V1 release

The founders

"We believe in a smoother, more transparent, and more agile professional world. We want to promote this development through the prism of knowledge. By making easy access to company knowledge and thanks to our artificial intelligence, we want to pave the way for the smart enterprise. Tomorrow, employees will be able to focus on what makes sense and showcase their expertise. By making everyday life easier for everyone, we will simplify business and operational processes."

We recruit

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Competitive Salary

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Career Evolution

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Kindness Working Environment

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Autonomy And Trust

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Flexible Hours And Remote Work

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Respect For Private Life

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Our customers save, on average, 15 days per employee per year with Thinkeo.
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